How It Works

How To Make Your Exchange In 3 Easy Steps

Option A: Deposit First

1. Deposit your week Pay your Usage Fee and get your week deposited with XchangeWorld. Depositing is free, and you do not have to know where or when you want to travel. Your deposited week will be valid for travel within two years from the time your Usage Fee is settled. 2. Request your holiday Once you have deposited your week, it is time to start planning for your Exchange Holiday. The sooner you make your request, the more opportunities we have to find a great match. You can either email or call us for your desired travel destination and date. XchangeWorld Customer Care will get back to you with the availability shortly. 3. Confirm your holiday Our XchangeWorld Customer Care may be able to confirm your resort choice as soon as you request it. If the holiday you want is not available, XchangeWorld Customer Care will put you on a waitlist, or offer you alternatives for consideration.

Option B: Search First

1. Search for availability First check availability with XchangeWorld, and choose your preferred availability. 2. Pay Usage Fee and deposit a week Once you choose your preferred availability, pay your usage fee to get your week deposited into XchangeWorld. 3. Confirm your holiday Upon the settlement of your usage fee and Xchange fee, our XchangeWorld Customer Care may be able to confirm your preferred availability accordingly.

Tips for easy holiday planning

Request early. Avoid last minute requests. The sooner you request an Exchange, the more opportunities we have to make a great match. Be flexible with your dates, location and unit size. As a rule of thumb, your Xchange request will be fulfilled more quickly when you let us know which areas you are interested in, as well as your travel dates.