Xchange Fee

The XchangeFee is a flat rate of USD118 /Euro103* per week of 8days/7nights - throughout the world which translates to great value for money! This is payable only upon confirmation of your Xchange request. Guest Certificate fee - USD50 / Euro43. This is applicable only if you are not part of traveling party staying at the destination resort/hotel.
Premium Exchange Fee
For specified locations and/or date of travel not available online as a result of limited or non-availability we may be able to check from an off-line service provider with a Premium Exchange Fee. Premium Exchange Fee, a top-up to the usual Xchange Fee, is required to confirm the availability offered which QVI does not have direct affiliation to. Please note that the list of resorts can change from time to time. If you have any questions about our resorts or the listing, please contact customercare@xchangeworld.com.