• Just one Xchange Fee structure of USD118 / Euro103* per week (8D/7N) for anywhere in the world instead of the much higher and overly complicated fee structure offered by other exchange networks

• No enrolment fee

• No additional annual membership or renewal fees

• Usage fee of only USD200 / Euro174* per week which is amongst the LOWEST in the world!

• No annual maintenance fee. This annual maintenance fee is normally a mandatory requirement by other clubs even if you do not use/save the week

• XchangeWorld Xtra – an Xtra vacation week at various destinations worldwide, offered at competitive prices to all fully paid QVI Club Diamond, Platinum and Gold members. All QVI Club members are eligible to enjoy this new benefit over and above their yearly membership entitlement with no additional Xchange Fee or Usage Fee! What’s more, you can even gift XchangeWorld Xtra to your family, friends and loved ones by simply obtaining a Guest Certificate.